Book of Ra – Game Overview

Book of Ra is a board game from Red Tiger that uses a 5×5 grid with 30 paylines. The action takes place in Las Vegas from a bird’s eye view. You roll dice to move the piggy bank symbol across the reels surrounding the Feature Board. You’ll get a roll for every spin during the bonus round, allowing you to pay up to 5,824 times your bet.

We have to admit, we think is a pretty cool-sounding name, but the bright lights on the Vegas Strip in the background are distracting. Sure, you can put on a great costume and spend money for a night or two, but that doesn’t really make you a big deal. It’s the same with this game. It tries hard to be spectacular, but the mathematical model holds it back.

Features of Book of Ra slot machines

Each time you fall on the Mystery Dice scatter , the next time you spin the dice are in the center. It produces a number from 1 to 6 and then you see the piggy bank ID move across the board to the corresponding number of squares. If you get to the editor, it stays locked until you press a new editor. Here’s how to use the four editors:

  • Life is Gold – Rewards random wilds with each spin.
  • Odds – 2x, 3x or 5x odds increase your winnings.
  • Bombs Away – removes all low value symbols from the reels.
  • Coin It – splits one instant cash prize between 0.1x – 3x your bet.

The Bonus Round is triggered when you land on the Spin-Out field on the Feature Board, and it gives you 10 free spins . Dice are rolled on each free spin, and this can give you multiple edits at once. The odds accumulate, which means their values add up when you land on them. You get +5 extra rounds if you hit the Spin-Out box during the bonus round.

200 Spins Book of Ra Experience.

Our three-minute video begins with a bigger win when we almost fill the screen with the highest-paying diamond symbol. Then we move on to the bonus round shortly after the video starts at 1:04. We’ve managed to create some pretty decent odds, and you can see for yourself how far we’ve come by hitting the play button.

Book of Ra – Review Summary

We can’t help but feel that if Red Tiger had thought about it even more, the game could have been much better. The rich basic gameplay features are good for versatile gameplay, but the low character values almost ruin your hope for a higher payoff. Potential 5824x looks good on paper, but if you do the math , it looks grim.

Even with a 5x multiplier, a full square of diamonds is worth only 375 times your bet. While it was easy enough in the bonus round to collect features and increase the odds, actually falling out with winning combinations was an entirely different story. We hardly see this release as a threat to what’s called Monopoly Megaways, and it looks like a plumbing of the board game genre.

Plus Book of Ra:

  • A board game with 4 unique editors
  • Bonus round with a board game reel in each round
  • Win bet up to 5824 time

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